Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have strong belief in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and acting sustainability, and have developed policies designed to benefit all those we work and interact with, from employee, partner and customer through to wider community and environment.

Serving the Community

In the wake of perpetual spurt in nos. of Covid19 affected cases across Thailand esp. since April’21, crumbling country’s healthcare infrastructure & affecting millions of lives, TPL has chalked -out a CSR plan to showcase it’s solidary with the community in these unprecedented crises by serving the society esp. provinces marked as Red” & “Dark Red” zones with its peroxide-based sanitizers (green chemistry).

a) Department of Corrections Thailand which is an agency under the Thai Ministry of Justice. Its mission is to keep prisoners in custody & rehabilitate them. TPL intends to donate 18K bottles of Oxypur Eco as the prisons in Thailand are most affected with daily cases in Prisons itself hovering around 6,000 to 9,000 cases on daily basis.

b) Ministry of Public Health Thailand: The Ministry of Public Health Thailand has empaneled a committee/task force which is responsible for distribution of PPEs, sanitizers & essential drugs to provincial regions ensuring homogenous reach of resources to all provinces. TPL intends to donate 10K bottles of Oxypur Eco to them.

c) Saraburi Hospital: TPL’s manufacturing plant is based in Saraburi province of Thailand, hence the local HR has chosen to donate 3000/- bottles to showcase TPL’s cognizance to the local community.

d) Samutprakarn Hospital: Besides being one of the most serious “Dark Red” zones, it’s also ABCTL’s phosphate manufacturing plant & all sales & marketing personnel of Phosphates, Sulphites, Peroxide & Chlor-Alkali operate out of this facility. TPL intends to donate 4k bottles of Oxypur Eco.

e) Donation to ABCT Phosphates division of 11,564/- bottles to ensure employee safety Being based in “Dark Red” zone.