Neutral Detergent Products


Weisklien Brite


WEISKLEIN BRITE is a concentrated manual liquid detergent of neutral pH. Contain a blend of surfactants that effectively remove oil, grease, protein, carbohydrate and other food soil materials. Suitable for the cleaning of all equipments, floors, walls and all sensitive materials including soft metals and plastics in the Food and Beverage industries.

  • High Contents of Wetting Agent and Cleaning Surfactant
  • Good foaming power
  • Clean all types of surfaces, including glass, plastic and metal
  • Does not corrode metals
  • Use in food and other industries for general plant cleaning (brewery, milk processing, meat processing, fish processing, margarine plant etc.)

Weisklien Hand Soft Klein


WEISKLEIN HAND SOFT KLEIN is a gentle hand soap designed for everyday use. WEISKLEIN HAND SOFT KLEIN can be dispensed from any soap dispensers designed for liquid product. Ideal for food service personnel in the Food and Beverage Industries.

  • Natural and synthetic emollients in WEISKLEIN HAND SOFT KLEIN prevent dying the skin, even with repeated use. WEISKLEIN HAND SOFT KLEIN deep cleans dirt and grime without chemical harshness
  • Specially formulated lotion provides excellent cleaning results
  • As a lotion soap, WEISKLEIN HAND SOFT KLEIN provides hand surface coverage more quickly and completely than bar soaps
    Liquid dispensing convenience
  • WEISKLEIN HAND SOFT KLEIN can be used in all hand or foot operated liquid product dispensers
  • It is designed as a general skin soap for regular use by food service personnel