Our Technical Team provide a complete solution for the automatic dilution, distribution and application of chemical concentrate products for the Food, Beverage & Dairy Industry, Slaughterhouses. We Design, Supply, Install and maintain systems

Custom Design

We Design, Supply, Install and maintain systems for the largest project with a track record over the past 20 years that includes installations for multi-national and major regional clients.
Our installations include:

  • Central Hygiene Systems for Open Plant Cleaning.
  • Bulk Chemical receiving and distribution systems.
  • Automated Cleaning systems for Food Processing & Beverage plants.
  • Personnel Hygiene & Production Entrance Control.
  • Aerial Misting Systems.

Looking for Hygiene Services

WEISKLEIN is a one-stop provider of Hygiene & Cleaning solutions and Disinfection for all industries, especially the food chain from farm to fork.