We help ensure your CIP system operates efficiently with the maximum utilisation of the plant at the lowest cost. Our experience in CIP helps us deliver real benefits and savings in time, energy, water and chemicals for our customers through systems, training and optimisation plans.

CIP Optimisation

Our technical experts provide our customers with CIP optimisation against clearly defined objectives including:

  • Improvement in efficacy of clean,
  • Reduction in the cost of cleaning,
  • Reduction in water use,
  • Reduction in cleaning time allowing a greater process plant up-time or increase in the recovery of product from the process plant.
  • Over time a process plant may be extended or modified without reflecting the changes in the CIP parameters; re-assessment of CIP set and cleaning cycles can provide valuable management data to allow the site to make the most efficient use of their resources.
  • Our innovative processes, expertise and chemical product range improves your productivity.

Looking for Hygiene Services

WEISKLEIN is a one-stop provider of Hygiene & Cleaning solutions and Disinfection for all industries, especially the food chain from farm to fork.